The Crucible

"The Crucible" By Arthur Miller

“They believed they held the candle that would light the world”

Hysteria, superstition and desire ignite a small community. As secrets cascade, persecution threatens the integrity of husband and wife.

Miller’s timeless classic is given new charge by cube. Electric dialogue from a talented cast.

‘The Crucible’ performed by cube essential theatre at the Minack Theatre, Portcurnow

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This time we are lucky to be teaming up with and exciting young director - Rosanna Elliott. Originally from Cornwall, Rosanna has been learning her craft with the RSC, Young Vic and Headlong to name a few, and now is back to make work in her home county. For her the play is elemental, with the fear of the unknown wilderness at the heart of the play. The epic setting in The Minack, the theatre perched on the cliff with the open ocean beyond, will only serve to underline this. We are also excited about working with a team of local carpenters to create a timber frame set, authentic to the time the play is set but also to frame the stage and the sea.

It’s an ambitious project to bring such a piece to life, delivered by a large group of Cornwall-based actors and creatives.

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After The Accident

"After the Accident" By Julian Armitstead

“Could you meet the person who shattered your life?”

“Could you meet the person whose life you shattered?”

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Photo from After The Accident

A stolen car. An accident that takes the life of a little girl. Four years on, the parents and the joy-rider meet.

Highly accessible and utterly engrossing, this award winning drama takes you on a highly charged journey where forgiveness and redemption are set against guilt, rage and despair.

Through brilliant storytelling and recognisable characters, experience a fascinating insight into Restorative Justice; a process which tries to repair something of the harmful consequences of crime.

This riveting production will draw you in quickly - its powerful language and thought-provoking themes uncovering layer after layer with courage and compassion.

Can we ever truly forgive those who harm our loved ones? This unmissable drama

Private Lives

at the Minack Theatre

Noël Coward’s glittering masterpiece of dysfunctional marriages.

Photo from Private Lives

Divorced couple Amanda and Elyot fatefully meet once again on adjoining hotel balconies whilst on honeymoon with their new partners.

The ensuing complications are a delightful parody of human relationships, flashing with Noël Coward’s dark wit and oozing with 1930s glamour and sophistication.

With its outrageous plot and savage comedy, Private Lives is surprisingly relevant to a modern audience.  Maybe Noël Coward was ahead of his time, or in touch with the universal theme of incompatibility in love.

The original production famously featured Noël Coward and Gertrude Lawrence in the leading roles (with promising newcomer Laurence Olivier in a supporting role!)  Coward wrote, directed and starred with apparent ease.  Each character in Private Lives has the gift of his sparkling wit!

This production reunites Benjamin Symes and Rebecca Hulbert as Elyot and Amanda, last seen at the Minack as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in cube’s dynamic ensemble version of the Scottish play.  They are joined by Ben Oldfield and Nix Wood, also no strangers to the Minack.  Ben Oldfield has performed there with Miracle Theatre, and also taken the leading role in The Music Man.

High-quality performances featuring slick direction, precision acting and crackling dialogue.  This production promises to be no exception.


Cube Essential Theatre

“cube are hell-bent on redefining your experience and enjoyment of theatre with their raw energy and new approaches to performance”

- Sheila Snellgrove, Director Barbican Theatre Plymouth

“I always look forward to seeing a cube show, they make consistently powerful, intelligent and moving theatre”

-Bill Mitchell, Artistic Director, Wildworks

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Cube Essential Theatre

“We are committed to producing new work, literary adaptations, and revivals of classic texts.  Our choice of projects is led by a search for material that will challenge us as artists and excite audiences both new and existing.  We have devoted ourselves to learning how theatre works, to discovering its essence.  We are passionate about exploring the connection between actors and audience.

Each project is different. Creating work through a process that serves the subject, we produce high quality, stylish theatre which is rooted in the written word and balanced with powerful physical action. The collaborative input of director, actors and script is crucial to each project.

With a simple and clean approach, our plays explore the emotional and psychological lives of characters within stories that are always designed to be relevant to our modern lives.  We are interested in how people live and behave, particularly when faced with extreme situations.”

cube are:

Benjamin Symes, Artistic Director
Ben Oldfield, Associate Artistic Director
Jon Welch, Associate Writer
Lottie Bowser, Stage Manager
Nix Wood, Creative Producer
Tod Welch, Associate Artist
Rebecca Hulbert, Creative Producer
Jake Swindall, Film Maker

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  • Aubade
  • Freddy Dare & the Ginger Robber
  • Wooden Heart
  • Pinocchio
  • The Uninvited
  • Locksmith's Wife
  • Hamlet - photos by Steve Tanner
  • Hyde and Seek - photos by Morgan Lowndes
  • Victoriana Mysterioso- photos by Estelle Packer

Cube and Education

"An energetic, exciting and compelling production which richly deserved the packed house. My students are talking about it still a month later. The workshop has proved really useful; thought-provoking and challenging, it has helped the students to address Unit 6 preparation with increased confidence."

Hamlet Educational Package

Cube and Education

cube is the Theatre Company in residence at Truro School

We make theatre with and for young people.  Our work reflects the world we live in - all our plays are about real people dealing with extraordinary events.  We respond to the world around us - we choose stories and characters that speak to young people.

We work with students from secondary schools, colleges, universities and drama schools.  Our work with students derives from the plays in our repertoire.  This has been the basis of coursework for students of GCSE English, AS and A Level Drama, BTEC Performing Arts, and Foundation Arts Degree.

In our often indiscriminate information heavy environment, cube aims to use our projects to promote a greater sense of social, cultural and historical knowledge and, most importantly, to foster a search for wisdom. Always focussing our outreach programme on our current project, we will look for ways of promoting self-discovery, empowering both children and adults with improved skills and understanding.

We are fully equipped to deliver our education work; each of our directors has depth of experience in a variety of fields and our education officer has been delivering education and training for 9 years. We will also make use of the special skills of a variety of practitioners chosen for the purpose.

Education work is extremely important to us for two main reasons: firstly we believe passionately in creativity and its effects in creating a better community; and secondly, because this enables to build great theatrically and culturally literate audiences for the future.

This year we are developing our relationship with Helston Community College- working as Associate Theatre company to deliver school plays and enrichment activities.

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Venues & Promoters

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The Crucible

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